Semaya Living Kemang – Ampera

Semaya Living Kemang – Ampera
Lokasi : di Jalan Raya Ampera – Kemang – Jakarta Selatan
Harga mulai : 1,7 Milyar an
Modern Compact Living Solution.
Jumlah unit : 17 unit.
Rumah 4 lantai
SHM ( Sertifikat Hak Milik )
Promo Harga Perdana

Lokasi yang strategis, karena :

  • 3 Menit ke Tb Simatupang
  • 5 menit ke pintu tol JORR
  • 5 menit ke jalan kemang raya
  • 3 menit ke Cilandak Town Square
  • 10 Menit ke stasiun MRT
  • Lokasi diantara sekolah – sekolah bertaraft Nasional dan Internasional

Fasilitas Internal di Semaya Living Kemang antara lain :

  • Smart Home Application
  • 24 jam security one gate system
  • CCTV Camera
  • Communal Space
  • Swimming Pool
  • Community Park

Modern Compact

  • Smart Home Feature
  • Trendy Minimalist Design
  • Green Space
  • Efficient Living
  • Modular Furniture
  • Low Budget

SEMAYA – Redefining Urban Living Through An Exclusive Condo House Residential Concept.
The increasing popularity of inner city residences make Condo Houses the ideal starting point for a new approach to urban living. This results in a new form of residential projects that revive the traditional concepts of multi-storied apartment buildings of big dense city like Jakarta and at the same time, redesign and even completely reinvent it to come up with answers to the omnipresent lack of space and overpriced land in the city. All have in common that they allow its residents to fully enjoy urban life with all its possibilities but also to withdraw from it just like in a single-family house.

Semaya is a new concept of elevated living, featuring a 4- storey multi residential building with a valuable connection to the ground. The brilliant space challenges the traditional concept with unique approach that combines the landed style living with the convenience of having apartment facilities. Designed as a versatile family home, it boasts spacious layout with generous exposure to natural light, fresh air and lush greeneries encircling the premise, conveying the touches of nature at every turn

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